Joel Julie Workman

Joel and Julie Workman

Serving in Brno, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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Our Story

God's story for the Workman family began when Joel and Julie first met on the mission field in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Since then they've continued in ministry. First in Russia, then the US, and then with GEM in the UK. For almost 25 years they've been serving God in ministry, much of that time along with their four children (Luke 20, Faith 18, Anya 16, and Chloe 15). The Workman family is passionate about being on mission to see Europe re-encounter the gospel.

Where We Work

The Workmans are in the process of shifting their ministry focus from the UK to Czech Republic. They are continuing to serve in the areas of discipleship and leadership development as they look to make their home in Brno, Czech Republic.