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Elizabeth M. Simmons

Serving Europe through GEM Teams

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My Story

"This journey all started with a yellow legal pad at church camp when I was in the 4th or 5th grade.The mission speaker that year challenged all who were willing to follow the Lord’s call at anytime to anywhere to come forward and sign their name to his yellow legal pad. So up I went! The significance of that simple act of obedience would not become a reality for a few more decades. It was during and after my studies at Dallas Theological Seminary that I was able to serve on three short term mission trips – Mexico (2007), Greece (2011) and Israel (2012). While in Greece and Israel God began breaking down my 80s-church-kid stereotypes and revealing to me that mission work is not solely reserved for pastors and evangelists (or their wives), but that He has equipped me with gifts and talents that can be used to spread the Gospel and grow His Kingdom. So in 2012 I began exploring what it might look like to sere overseas, in 2013 I was appointed to serve with GEM through GEM Teams, and in 2015 I arrived on the mission field in Germany. "

Where I Work

"While in Europe I serve as a Project Supervisor with GEM Teams. In this role I facilitate teams of Europeans and North Americans as they serve alongside ministries that are reaching both Nationals and Immigrants living in every country across Europe. My excitement about this calling is two-fold. One is the opportunity to serve people from around the world living in Europe – helping to share the Gospel with those who might otherwise remain unreached. The second is the chance to give North Americans the experience of serving in Europe and exploring how God might be further calling them to serve in the spiritually dark continent that is Europe – whether they go, give, or pray.

Lord-willing I will be returning to the field in Spring 2022 after my Home Ministry Assignment (furlough). However, in order to return to the field, the gap in my support must be closed so that I can resume ministry being fully funded. If you are contemplating becoming a Ministry Partner, I wish there were a way for you to truly understand my sincerity when I say this...no gift is too small. If God has placed on your heart a desire to see Europe reached with the Gospel and you are at a place in your life where $10 or $15 a month is what you can invest then please, trust God to honor your obedience and give. Know also the joy I receive seeing your name added to the list of those who are joining with me in an ongoing way to share in the blessing of seeing the Gospel spread across Europe and around the world.

Thank you for your partnership! "