Molly Schubert

Molly Schubert

Serving at Black Forest Academy


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Molly's Story

I grew up as a missionary kid in a super small town in Alaska, and discovered my passion for youth ministry at a summer camp that I worked at for many years. I then attended Moody Bible Institute, where I found myself traveling to Europe many times on a band tour, a study abroad, and missions trips! During this time God was growing in me a deep heart for missions in Europe. After university I also spent three years working full time as a tutor at a middle and high school, as well as spending much of my free time in all things youth ministry. Little did I know, God had a plan for me involving my passion for youth ministry, love for supporting academics, and His heart He has been placing in me for the people of Europe.

Where Molly Works

I am working at Black Forest Academy, located in the Black Forest of Germany! This is a boarding school for the high school aged children of missionaries and expatriates working in Europe, as well as Africa and Asia. I will be serving as a Resource Teacher to students, where I will have the opportunity to dive into my passion and experience both with ministering to youth, but also in supporting them in their academics!