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Our Story

Shortly after Alex & Lane began working at a church in Austin, TX, they were introduced to each other by a friend. A year later, they married and now have two boys: Milo - age 7 and Jack August - age 4. Early on in their family journey, the Jacobsens began to feel an inexplicable love for and draw toward the people and church in United Kingdom. After multiple trips to England and years of prayer, they felt their call to minister with & to the people of England intensify; and have responded by partnering with Greater Europe Mission.The Jacobsen family landed in London, England in August 2017 and continue their work in the field with GEM UK Communications Team and with their local partner, a church in North London.

Where We Work

Alex works on the communications team for GEM UK developing their website and graphics. But he primarily works with their local missions partner, St. James Muswell Hill, a church in North London. Alex is the Contemporary Music Leader on staff and helps with the church's media and tech needs. Alex also visits various churches around North London to assist them in similar areas.

Lane is primarily focused on home and caring for their two boys: Milo and Jack. She also volunteers at their church in the music and tech ministries. She is also working as a verger at their church and uses her graphic design background to provide media and promotional materials for their church and parachurch organizations in North London.

“We love the local Church and want to partner with what God is already doing in this city to build it up. We love the way our local church partner serves the community - as God loves and wants us to serve the vulnerable. We have grown and have been able to participate in so much over the last year in London - and we look forward to our 2nd year serving in this amazing city.”

Information on the Church in Europe [Project Europe]:
• Less than 1% of Europeans are evangelical Christians.
• The Church in Africa is growing 50 times faster, and the Church in Asia is growing 43 times faster than the Church in Europe.
The United Kingdom:
• The UK is an economic, political, and ideological powerhouse
• Most families in the UK do not have physical needs, they have "just enough." Most families just need Jesus.