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Gene & Melissa Harter

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Germany and throughout Europe

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Our Story

The discovery of our unique call to serve as missionaries in Germany was initially a surprise to our family. We really hadn't even considered it to be a "missionary field". In our time of listening and discovery, we began to understand that Christianity in Europe has been rapidly declining. After a career as an engineer in the aviation industry, we took a step of faith and have been serving in Germany since August of 2013.

Where We Work

Gene & Melissa work with a group called GEM Teams where he is the Director. This group is made up of 18 missionaries primarily located in Kandern, Germany in order to reach greater Europe. GEM Teams focuses on developing local ministries by leading short-term teams throughout Europe. Melissa's multiple roles with GEM Teams include being a team leader and a finance officer. The two of us have had the privilege of leading teams in Greece, Romania, Brussels, Poland, France, UK, and Germany.