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Recovery and Restoration in Motherwell, Scotland (Wendy Harder)

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My Story

Have you ever heard a song that just resonated in your soul? The song “Calmer of the Storm” by Downhere became a prayer for me when I was going through a time where things seemed to be stacking up against me. “I’m afraid of sinking in despair. Teach me, Lord, to have faith in what You’re bringing me will change my life and bring You glory.” As I prayed these lyrics over and over, I didn’t realize the Lord was preparing my heart to serve Him in full-time ministry!
Europe is a continent so steeped in despair and spiritual emptiness that Europe’s once-thriving church is now struggling to survive. In Scotland, a younger generation is emerging and starting churches under the same structure as the first church found in the book of Acts, however, this group of 20-somethings with a passion for Christ, have very few believers, if any at all, that are able to mentor, encourage, lead, and help train them in the Gospel message. In fact, there is a shortfall of an entire generation of believers between the ages of 40-65. Much of this demographic has left the church, causing many churches to close their doors or reduce their ministries to the communities. A generation that should be the leaders of Christ’s Church is overextended and, in some cases, non-existent. Coincidently, the largest percentage of drug and alcohol abuse belongs to this age demographic, rising from 29% of abusers in 2007 to 53% in 2019.
As a missionary with Greater Europe Mission (GEM), I will be joining a network of missionaries serving in partnership with a local faith-based organization – Betel UK Scotland – a drug and addiction recovery center for men. This ministry gives men an opportunity to keep their hands busy on various restoration projects while learning how God is working in their personal lives. Much of my role will utilize my gift of administration, relieving the directors of necessary office work so they may devote their time to mentoring and guiding the men in the program. I will help manage this venture and use my business background to help operate it. As the men participate in worship services each evening, I will have the opportunity to teach at times and regularly pray for them as they enter, reside in, and leave the center.
God has prepared me for a ministry in administration by utilizing our own family business. I have repeatedly given Him praise for His guidance as problems arose or the unexpected occurred within the workplace. Being in an environment each day to use this gift and grow my skills in both management and finance has played a momentous part in my stepping into a ministry in Scotland that will glorify Him.
Would you consider joining me in this ministry through prayer and a monthly donation towards our ministry?
I am excited to answer God’s call on my life, to serve and expand His kingdom in Europe, but I need your help! A gift in support of our ministry is not only an offering to God, but it helps my family get to Scotland sooner. Your support will also help Betel UK Scotland by relieving them of their need to hire an administrator, and will ultimately support their efforts to help men recover from addiction and find new life in the Creator Jesus! This ministry is only possible with the financial and prayer support of a network of believers and churches in Canada. Thank you, for praying and acting, as God leads you, to join Greater Europe Mission, and me, in this vital ministry.