Jesse and Naomi Brubaker

Serving at the Camp of the Peaks


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Our Story

We have desired to live in France for over 12 years. Our heart's desire and God's vision for our life collided at the Camp of the Peaks in the beautiful French Alps. Our love for Jesus, good food, hospitality and serving others come together at the camp. Together with our children, we hope to be a light in the spiritual darkness of France.

Where We Work

With less than 2% of France having a relationship with Jesus, the camp serves as an integral part of introducing the French to Christ's love and nurturing disciples. Jesse's broadened skills in the culinary world will enhance the food offerings at the camp. He will support the team's ongoing maintenance efforts as well. Naomi will be able to support the needs of campers with disabilities and expand camp offerings to include intentional opportunities to minister to families with children with disabilities.