Discover Europe. Discover Your Calling.

Join us for a free local gathering from 9am–2pm to explore the possibilities of missions in Europe.

We'll answer the questions: Why global missions? Why Europe? Why You? Why GEM?

What is a Discovery Day?

01 Ukrainian Refugees Crossing the border Moldova

Why Europe?

Over the last 7 years, Europe has faced 3 major crises: The Syrian Refugee Crisis, Covid-19, & Ukraine Refugee Crisis 
Hearts are heavy and open in this season. Europe is ready for the Hope of Jesus.



Why You?

Every phase of life brings value to the mission field. Your talents, passions, and gifts can be used by God in Europe.
Hear more from missionaries on the field doing everyday life alongside Europeans.


Why GEM?

Greater Europe Mission exists to relationally connect and reach the unbelieving and uncommitted across Europe. To grow and deepen them in their faith through intentional discipleship and to empower and send them out to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Why Europe?

Less than 3% of Europeans have a relationship with Jesus.

We believe that Europe is the most strategic continent for missions in the world. Most European countries have a population where only 2.9% claim a relationship with Jesus. Additionally, the economic, political, and immigration turmoil across the continent has rocked the foundation of many indigenous Europeans and brought the nations to their shores. At Greater Europe Mission (GEM), we long to see European's hearts changed by Jesus.

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