Church planting Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Mosaik Fechenheim

Church planting Frankfurt am Main (Germany)



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Gerwin (1972) and Cathelijne (1974) Pruijssen were born in the Netherlands. They married in 1997, have six children. In 2000 Gerwin became pastor in the Reformed Church (liberated). He pastored three churches from 2000 till 2015.
Winter 2014-2015 Gerwin got a call from the Mosaik church in Frankfurt am Main. This is a church planting movement.
He pastored from the summer of 2015 till the summer of 2017 the Mosaik Frankfurt Bergen Enkheim church and Mosaik Frankfurt Nord.
From the summer 2017 Gerwin and Cathelijne focus on preparation for the church plant in Frankfurt am Main Fechenheim

Frankfurt am Main is most of all a rich city. But Fechenheim is one of the most undesirable parts of town. It is a deprived neighbourhood. For example, Fechenheim is the only part of town that has two food banks.

In Frankfurt Fechenheim live more than 17.000 people. The population is fairly young. That means there a lot of young families with children and youth.
17,5% has a Turkish background. These are fourth and fifth generation Turks. People of other nations represented in Fechenheim, Italians, Romanians, Serbs, Croatians.

In 2015 the influx of the refugees came to Germany and other European countries. In Fechenheim lived more than 2.000 refugees in one huge building (Neckermann). Because so many people packed in one place caused many troubles, the many refugees were distributed over four smaller buildings, hotels, motels and containers.