Josh & Melanie S

Serving among refugees and Greeks, emphasizing Christ's heart for true discipleship and bold evangelism


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Our Story

"A born and bred Iowan, Josh is a man of ambition, strategy, and hard work, but he never saw himself serving overseas. Melanie, on the other hand, grew up about as international as they come, having lived on the ""field"" as a child, though she imagined herself working in the public sector and not spiritual ministry overseas. After meeting at Wheaton College and getting married, until God ""interrupted"" their plans and called them to Europe. It all started with a ten day trip to Lille, France through their home church, Wheaton Bible Church. Through that experience, they saw the incredible reality of how God has shifted millions of people from closed access, unreached countries into the heart of Europe. Since they joined GEM in 2011, Josh and Melanie have lived in Germany, the UK, and Greece, always pursuing freedom for those trapped in darkness. They are passionate about teaching believers to approach Scripture and discipleship with confidence, and vision-casting a passion to bring that hope back to their own people group in a way that outsiders never could. They have two beautiful, bright and energetic daughters."

Where We Work

"Greece is a country with a rich, important, religious history and very little vibrant, Christ-centered faith. After centuries of history with Greek Orthodoxy at its epicenter, Greece has exchanged personal, heart-changing faith, for tradition. The country is full of churches, religious songs, spiritual phrases, and religious icons, but so few Greeks know of the heart of God and His deep love for them.
Adding to this confusing spiritual reality, Greek has suffered multiple crippling crises in the past few decades, most notably the financial crisis in 2009 and now the refugee crisis, which began in 2015 and still continues. These two crises have added a great deal of hardship to the daily life of Greek people. Millions of refugees now live in Greece, scattered across islands and the mainland, with the government largely unable to cope with such a difficult and expensive reality. Refugees living in Greece come from all over the world, mostly Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Greek people at their heart are passionate, hospitable, and friendly. The refugees are strong people at heart too; brave and optimistic despite their unbearable suffering, hospitable despite their poverty, and longing for truth and light. There is much work to be done, but God is sovereign to accomplish what He wills!"