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Jordan and Kate Egli

Church Planting

Montastruc-la-Conseilère, France

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Our Story

Jordan and Kate met while studying at Penn State University. Upon graduation they married and Kate soon began working at the GEM HQ in Monument, CO where God began stirring her heart for the peoples of Europe. In November 2011 Jordan and Kate were appointed as GEM missionaries to France, and in February 2013 they moved to the alpine city of Aix-les-Bains to begin a church plant which is now thriving. In 2016 Judah joined the Egli family followed by Elias in 2018, Max in 2020, and Oscar in 2022.

Where We Work

For nearly 5 years, Jordan and Kate worked with a primarily French team as church planters in Aix-les-Bains, France (a city 1hr south of Geneva, Switzerland). France is known to be one of the most secular countries in the world, but God is moving in new ways across the country with great unity amongst the evangelical churches.

Before returning to the USA for their required Home Assignment in 2018, they served for 2 months on the Greek island of Lesvos where ~80% of refugees first arrive in Europe. It was a unique opportunity to use their French to serve in a key place at this pivotal moment in history. God then surprised the Eglis by asking them to return to Greece, not France.

Jordan and Kate obediently moved their family to Lesvos in early 2019 where they served thousands of refugees and witnessed countless people come to faith in Jesus and be baptized. In March 2020, as borders were closing due to COVID-19, Jordan and Kate received an unexpected diagnosis of a cleft lip and palate for their third son due in August. With a global pandemic and looming medical needs, Jordan and Kate made a rapid departure from Greece and settled in the USA for a season of recovery and care for their family. During this time, Jordan was also able to join GEM's response to the Ukraine Crisis by serving on the Ukraine Leadership Team.

At the end of 2022, God began to open the door for Jordan and Kate to move back to France. They took an exploratory trip to Montastruc-la-Conseillère, France, where God confirmed that this would be their next place of ministry. The southwestern part of France has a great need for believers and churches. They moved to Montastruc in July of 2023 and have begun the work with this recent church plant (link below).