John Lynn Lehn

John and Lynn Lehn

Serving as church planters in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Our Story

John and Lynn have been living in the region of the former Yugoslavia since 1992, ministering first in Belgrade, Serbia, for over 7 years then in Zagreb, Croatia for over 13 years and now in Dubrovnik since 2012. This is their third church plant in working together with national church planters. Their 3 sons - John, Timothy and Paul - all grew up on the mission field and are now living in various parts of the United States.

Where We Work

Dubrovnik, the town in which we are currently planting a church, is known as the pearl of the Adriatic. It is a walled ancient town with lots of history and an absolutely beautiful coastline on the Adriatic sea (across from the backside of the boot of Italy). The country is predominantly Roman Catholic with a strong leaning toward the worship of Mary and Saint Blaise. There are only 2 small Protestant churches in Dubrovnik and the next closest Protestant church is over 3 hours away by car.