DP & Luiza Strellman

Making Disciples in Europe


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Our Story

DP (Dennis Paul) & Luiza Strellman bring many years of experience in ministry, over 25 years of that in Europe. Luiza grew up in Brasov, Romania under communism and became one of the youth leaders in her church at age 16 after she met Jesus and was given purpose. Dennis went to Moscow Russia in 1992, helped in leading a new church, and then led the JESUS film ministry all across Russia. For almost a decade they mentored national leaders for church movements in Eastern Europe. God gave them 3 boys: Ryan, Kevin, and Nathan.

Where We Work

The Strellmans now bring their experience to Greater Europe Mission. DP is a mission strategist for Focus Cities and leads GEM in Hungary. His passion is using the power of media and the internet to make disciples. Luiza leads MOPS in Hungary, helping moms to reach other moms and disciple them to walk with Jesus. Please join them.