Jordan April Lyons

Jordan & April Lyons

Growing the emotional and spiritual health of missionaries who are making disciples throughout Europe.

Member Care, Berlin, Germany

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Our Story

April and I have worked for many years with missionaries. We love them and what they do, but their work is hard. 60% of missionaries leave their countries early for preventable reasons. Our vision is that missionaries within GEM will feel that they are loved and supported, so that they can thrive in the work God has called them to.

Where We Work

Berlin is an easily accessible city for GEM’s Eastern European Missionaries. We plan to grow the emotional and spiritual health of those currently serving with GEM by providing a place of refuge and confidentiality to talk through personal growth issues that often come with serving on the mission field. April and I will be meeting with missionaries on a regular basis to remind them of the hope and healing found in Jesus, with the goal of preventing early departures from their countries. Having healthy missionaries will allow the gospel to spread more effectively for years to come.