Heather Kirkland

Making Disciples that Make Disciples in the UK


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Heather's Story

I am serving in the UK simply because I heard the Lord say “GO!” and make disciples there. Europe is UNREACHED...but primed and ready for a movement like we have never seen before. After fours years of International College Ministry in the states I understood the impact of bringing many nations together for discipleship. Sharing the Gospel, Equipping them in the Word and Empowering them to do the same! Watching them take the good news back to their countries, in their heart language and through their cultural eyes. I knew He was inviting me to do the same but on a larger scale in the UK. I plan to accomplish this by engaging with people groups that have never heard the gospel and walking with them side by side---life on life. The mission is to Engage, Equip and Empower the nations that the Lord Himself has drawn to the UK. Together we can see disciples that will make disciples until there is NO PLACE LEFT that hasn't heard.

Where I Work

One of Greater Europe Mission's Focus Cities, Birmingham, UK.