Alisa Giaco

Serving God in England


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My Story

The United Kingdom-a nation full of rich history and incredible people. I dream of God revolutionizing this kingdom-not through wealth, status, or power-but through something far greater. I see God opening the eyes of those who cannot see HIS Kingdom. I see England and its neighboring countries becoming a united kingdom for Christ. I long for the British Isles and what Jesus can do there. My heart is for God and His people. God is victorious, for we know that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!

Where I Work

My vision is to see God place ordinary people in ordinary places to share the gospel. In the moments of the mundane, God does the miraculous. I'd like to minister to the locals in England through the dialogues of everyday life. My hope is to work in a local coffee shop that God will use as a safe haven for those who do not feel God's hope, but who are drawn to those who do.