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Our Story

We started in ministry in Reno, Nevada where we helped plant a church - a church that we love dearly - and we always sensed that God had a vision for our lives to do more ministry. We did not expect it to be in Ireland, but after a vacation here years ago we left deeply burdened for Europe. There are so few opportunities here for people to see Jesus because of the growing secularism and dying religious work. If we aren't here praying and sharing, chances are that people will never get prayed for or hear about the real, living Jesus.

Where We Work

We believe in having a global impact on the greatest issues of our time. That's why Dublin is such a strategic place.

It's a multicultural, European capital city that hosts many of the largest multinational corporations in the world (google, facebook, apple). We are already seeing God use us to make a difference all over the world - including countries in Africa, Turkey, and countries in South America; global impact from one city.

We know that through the work we get to do here, with our experience in church planting and in coaching, we are going to see more people know Jesus and live their lives for even greater impact all over Europe and the world. You share in that with us when you partner financially and in prayer. Thank you for investing with us for global impact.