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Our Story

David signed up to go to Romania for four weeks in the summer of 2001. He wanted to go to Europe, specifically Eastern Europe, and minister to people there.God met him in Romania, and David fell in love with something bigger than himself – the people, the culture, the way of life and that patch of land they call home. All of it. In Romania was the closest to a sense of belonging on Earth that he ever felt. Four weeks never felt so rewarding, yet so short. As he left, he felt God telling him that He would bring him back to Romania at some point.Anne was not the missionary type in the slightest. She never went on missions and was more averse than apathetic toward the idea of cross-cultural ministry. When God began to warm David to the idea of bigger-picture ministry in Europe, he floated the idea to her, only to be met with something to the effect of: “Knock yourself out. I’m not going.”Three years later, it was her turn to feel like they were going to leave Idaho and go somewhere else, but she didn’t know where. David floated the idea of Romania to Anne, expecting the worst, but she agreed. God was obviously at work calling us to such a far-off place.Now they have three sons named Daymond, Dalton and Darrick, all of whom have been to Romania and are excited to make it their home, where they will continue telling people about Jesus.

Where We Work

We are appointed to serve in Romania, where we will make disciples who will then make disciples of their own people, thereby planting churches. Within Romania, we feel called to work with Romanians, as well as with Roma (gypsies) and other ethnic minorities who are looked down upon, and who live in a city and region that is largely written off by evangelicals in Romania as too difficult to impact or not of strategic importance. We hope to work with overlooked people in an overlooked region of an overlooked country in Europe.