Agnes Alvarez

Serving the youth and young adults of Brussels, Belgium


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My Story

Born in a town in Mexico called Leon, and raised in Dallas, Texas. I was called to missions when I was 19 years old on a summer day, but I knew I had so much to learn so I put my calling on hold and joined Elevate Life Leadership Institute to become a effective leader in the part of ministry I wanted to do, and become an effective disciple that would make more disciples. During my time at school, we went to Belgium for a mission trip and God began to speak into my heart that this was the country I was called to. He broke my heart for His people, the small percentage of Christians broke my heart, but the vast number of people not knowing Christ or have rejected the church made me realize one thing, they don't know God's love. I put my calling to Belgium on hold until graduation came along, and as I graduated God spoke again about Belgium. And I knew it was time to listen and take steps to this wonderful city called Brussels.

Where I Work

I'm passionate about what God wants to do and is doing in Brussels. Belgium. But I'm passionate about working with the youth and young adults of Brussels. Evangelizing, making disciples, and teaching them to obey the Word.