Reflections on A New Paradigm: Rapidly Reproducing Church

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  • posted on: November 09, 2011

The article below was originally published on the blog of Columbia International University’s College of Intercultural Studies Department. You can find the original post by clicking here. The author is Dr. Gregory Nichols who is GEM's regional director and a seminary professor. 

When our mission agency first started using the words “rapidly reproducing churches,” I was confused about “rapid.” We all wanted to see Europe reached and we were working as rapidly as possible.

So, I needed to understand a whole new paradigm of ministry. Our focus was no longer just about the church but about Christ’s kingdom. In a sense, we should not focus on trying to build a church more rapidly but should be attempting to let Christ’s kingdom expand as rapidly as possible into the lives of people. A rapidly reproducing church will be the fruit of releasing those with a kingdom mindset into the harvest.

At this point, I am thinking that a key to rapidly reproducing churches is individuals focusing on catalyzing four generations of kingdom people. For example, when Jan comes into the kingdom, we must immediately equip and challenge Jan to share with his entire network the good news that has transformed his life. This is nothing new. However, the difference is what to do with those who come into the kingdom through Jan.

In the past, we brought them into the congregation assuming that they would develop into mature Christians. I now realize that we need to empower Jan himself to train those whom he has brought into the kingdom, asking them to bring others. My ministry with Jan shifts as I help him disciple others (first generation) which indirectly is nurturing the kingdom’s expansion in Jan’s life. If you extrapolate this out to several generations and several “Jans,” you see where it is going. By the time a fourth generation appears in a stream, you can be confident that the kingdom mindset is deeply caught by the earlier generations and that they are forming churches designed to reproduce rapidly.

Dr. Gregory L. Nichols

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